Laminate Flooring Price Quote

Laminate Flooring Price Quote

Save up to 50% on your next home improvement project, Come by our showroom to pick the color you like or ask for a free in home visual estimate with free samples.

Lainate Flooring Warehouse

Wholesale Prices

Whether you need new laminate floors for a 200 sq. ft room or a 3000 sq. ft home with a garage our prices are 50% cheaper then most retailers.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Do it your self projects are fun but don’t always come out like we plan to, Ask for a free in home visual estimate with free samples.

Buying Large Quantities

If you are a contractor or an exporter we offer large discounts on bulk orders.

Updating Your Home with Laminate Wood Flooring

Our philosophy is that floors should be durable, beautiful, and affordable. Laminate wood flooring looks every bit as good as hardwood flooring for a fraction of the price, is easy to install, and can last for decades with minor care.

The Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is prone to nicks and scratches that mar the surface. Normal wear and tear makes hardwood flooring lose its finish, and it degrades every year. Laminate wood flooring works by printing an image on top of a hard material like high density fiberboard. An aluminum oxide finish offers superior resistance against scratches and stains.

Because laminates rely on printed images rather than natural wood grain, they’re a very eco-friendly type of flooring. The printed images can be any design or color, giving you unlimited options when designing your floorspace. By not using real wood, laminates can save anywhere from 50-80 percent off of the cost of a new floor.

Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Cost Calculator

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Our professional contractors will also help you choose the perfect laminate wood flooring for your home. With a large selection of name brands, they can help you select a beautiful style and color while ensuring that the laminate wood flooring will hold up after years of regular use.