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Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Cost Calculator

Our Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Cost Calculator can save you up to 50% on your project.

Laminate Wood Floors With Installation $1.99 Per Sq. Ft

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*FREE Carpet Removal

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Most Popular Flooring Choice

Home remodeling usually starts with redoing the floors, From tile to hardwood the most popular option today is laminate wood floors, Durable and easy to clean.

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100% Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Installation Cost Calculator

Finding the best quality laminate wood floors is easy with since we have one of the largest inventories in South Florida.

Laminate Wood Flooring Stairs Installation: $850 Installed For 14-16 Steps

In Home Visual Estimate

We don’t charge for a visual estimate, We also offer a free in home estimate with free samples to go around.

How To Calculate Installation Cost

To obtain a quote on buying laminate wood floors with installation simply click on the Get Quote button fill up our form.

Durability and Warranty

All our products come with a long term warranty on the product and services.

Fast Installation Services

With over 50 installers we provide fast and professional installation at the best rates in town.

Laminate Flooring Installation Services

Underlayment For Laminate Wood Flooring

Underlayment is excellent for sound reduction. The amount of acoustic control needed for environments like high-rise apartments are different from normal ground-level homes. Usually the building will require some level of sound dampening to be installed in the apartment during flooring installation.

Cash & Carry

If you are only interested in buying flooring without installation you are welcomed too.

Discount Bulk Pricing

Buying in bulk can save you thousands of dollars on your project, ask about special prices.

Baseboard 5-1/4″

We provide baseboards for any architecture. We have 5-1/4″ baseboards for only .69¢ per linear foot. They come in either 8 or 16 foot lengths, are made out of quality Medium Density Fiberboard, and come in prime white. We also offer free delivery – call us now for more information.

Baseboards  3-1/4″

We also carry 3-1/4″ baseboards for only .49¢ per linear foot. Our 3-1/4″ baseboards are also made out of the best quality Medium Density Fiberboard, come in prime white, and come in 8 foot lengths. Bulk pricing and free delivery are also available – call us now for more information.
Wholesale Flooring Prices

Repeated Customers

Repeated business says it all, Every month we preform dozens of jobs from referrals.

Service Areas

From Key West to Orlando Florida we’ve serviced them all, Daily installers in Miami.

Laminate Flooring Colors

With dozens of colors to choose simply ask for a free sample and we’ll come by your home or business.

Home Improvement On a Budget

If you are working on a tight budget then you’ve come to the right place, We’ve saved people over 50% on your home improvement project.